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The Future of Consulting in 2023

In the fast-paced world of consulting, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve and identify the most lucrative fields. However, with the right knowledge and resources, it is possible to position yourself for success and tap into the most lucrative consulting opportunities. According to industry experts, the following fields are expected to […]

Re-Negotiating Our Social Contract

There is a theory in political science that we operate under an implied Social Contract, that is our moral and/or political obligations are dependent upon an agreement among us to form the society in which we live. That contract can include an implicit agreement that we will cooperate for the social benefit which may entail […]

America: The Land of Opportunity… Only If You Make Yourself Free to Pursue It

Having faith in this country has been really difficult lately. Actually, no, I shouldn’t say it that way… No matter how stupid, ignorant, closed-off, illiberal (meaning “opposed to liberal principles; restricting freedom of thought or behavior”; not being a Democratic Party Libber) people here get… No matter how much people on the right try to […]

This ‘Moral Vacuum’ Sucks

Yeah, that’s an amazing & hilarious pun that I make to our robo-vac (who we named Ray Donovan & I don’t remember why), but I wish I felt as lighthearted as that joke might make me seem. This year has been one giant, ass-ache of a slide into some really nasty realizations about our society. […]

DIY: Diaper Changing Table

So, you want to repurpose that old chest of drawers. Cool. That’s exactly the position I found myself in. So, with my partner expecting our first kid, I decided to turn the Malm 6-drawer chest that was just hanging out in our guest room into a changing table! It’s an easy diy project that only […]

“If You Support Racism, Say Nothing”

Everybody knows the funny little saying by either Lincoln or Twain the goes: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. I always giggle at it, while simultaneously worrying that it would deter people from asking questions or explaining their views for fear of judgment. Speaking as […]

I didn’t see color because I didn’t know to look for it.

“I don’t see color” Please, see the intentions of people who say this. Don’t attack them because you saw some post saying that it’s not the “right” thing to say. You know what they mean. You know that, if they’re sincere, they mean that a person’s skin color isn’t what they judge. Those good intentions […]

The Benefit of…

It’s no secret that being American feels different to different people. It is different for different people. It’s obvious when you look at the anti-lockdown protests. How many black protestors do you think would get within shouting (nevermind shooting) distance of a Capitol armed with assault rifles? Racism is built right into every level of […]