Heather Marcus has never known “Can’t”; her tenacity apparent since she could walk.

Surely, underdeveloped calf tendons & knee-high casts would hinder a kid. But Heather was off to the races as soon as the plaster hardened… & never looked back.

IMG_20140425_064440The kid who almost couldn’t walk became a NCAA Division 1 athlete. She set records at her alma mater; only one has been broken since, and that was by a player she coached during the season she helped coach a team in turmoil.

A lifetime of Otherness fueled a drive to explore her potential, to transcend typical expectation, and inspire others to achieve more. She knows race, sex, or any other demographic take a back seat to mindset.

Heather has worked at a Fortune 500 company, guest-starred on the Tyra Banks Show, set standards as the only 2L on St. Mary’s University School of Law’s nationally-ranked trial advocacy team, and became a college professor before age 30.

The Attitude for Altitude

The Attitude for Altitude initiative came together at the intersection of “Be Who You Needed When You Were A Kid” and a lifelong passion for excellence with a keen awareness of the importance of personal performance.

From youth leadership to team synergy, this program centers around Heather’s deep desire to explore the reaches of human potential and inspire others to express the best parts of themselves.

That theme of empowering others has surfaced over and over again, and Heather has been fortunate enough to be in positions to deliver messages of strength and positivity:

Heather (center) with teammates from Baylor University speaking to the female athletes at West Middle School. (Photo courtesy of CSTV)
Heather (center) and Tyra (right of center) talking Sisterhood, and the power of working together.


An extensive education in government and law, combined with the experience of bein the Queen of Otherness, and years of diversity and inclusion expertise led to the creation of a bias-education program.

Bias in instinctive, but it doesn’t have to stink.

Having great relationships with people from all walks of life inspired Heather to create this program, among other d&i tools, to bring healing and improvement to interpersonal relationships.

The Deets:

  • JD (St. Mary’s University, San Antonio)
  • College professor before age 30
  • Diversity speaker & consultant
  • Certified Mediator
  • Graduation speaker
  • NCAA Division 1 letterwinner (Baylor University)
  • Lone Star Conference award-winning volleyball player (Texas Woman’s University)