IMG_20140425_064440Pairing a passion for excellence with a keen awareness of the importance of personal performance, I have tackled multiple pursuits in my lifetime. This has opened doors in arenas ranging from television sets to highly-revered courts to the ballot in 2016.
I am so fortunate to have the abilities that earned both academic and athletic scholarships at Baylor University and Texas Woman’s University.

While lettering in volleyball, I completed a major in Government/Pre-Law. And, because of my passion for learning, I continued my academic career by earning a Doctorate of Jurisprudence and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Government. And, finally, the student became the teacher — I became a college professor before the age of 30.

To me, being an NCAA athlete and professor came naturally — my interests and abilities led me to those ends, and my desire to achieve allowed me to conquer. For me, it’s about rising to the challenge, accessing higher levels of performance, and digging into the process.


With my teammates at West Middle School. (Photo courtesy of CSTV)
That’s why I love seeing others access better versions of their selves, too.

As a child, I knew no stranger. Growing up looking different than everyone around me, I knew nothing about discrimination — people were just people, and everyone was a potential friend. I learned that character and integrity were more important than someone’s skin color.

And those higher ideals have guided my life from a young age.

In college, I would jump at the opportunity to go to local schools and speak or to volunteer at Toys for Tots. The prospect of shining on others, encouraging someone else to be bold, to try hard, to pursue something bigger than they thought might be possible… THAT was just as much of a rush as making a spectacular play on the court.

It’s downright amazing to see the transformation that occurs in a person when you acknowledge them, see the best in them, and genuinely hope the best for them.

The concept of liking success for success’s sake was useful during team sports — it was important to (1) understand what we needed for overall success, (2) to see how each teammate and I fit into the bigger picture, and (3) to do what needed to be done to achieve. The same concepts spill over into real life.

And talking about that same topic afforded me the chance to travel to LA & bring a few teammates along to talk about ‘Sisterhood’ with Tyra Banks on her daytime talk show.

Talking about good stuff… that’s what I like.

As a published author, my writing covers topics ranging from overcoming depression, maximizing performance in all aspects of life, and even the universal language Esperanto. My latest work, The Lightbulb Moment, is the culmination of a lifetime of experience in triumph and serves as a teaching philosophy, life approach, and motivational tool for myself and others to realize and fulfill our best selves.

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