BiasBuster™ – Find Your Program

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Click on your organization name & enter your organization’s unique password to access your customized BiasBusster™ program: Allergan Alloy Post Conduent Dallas Independent Film Festival Enriche Lowe’s NIFSE Sinq Tesla Willie & Coote Salon Need a password? Contact your HR … Continued

The BiasBuster 3-Step Program

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Bias is instinctive, but it doesn’t have to stink. “Biased” means one-sided, lacking a neutral viewpoint, or not having an open mind. Those descriptors inspired the three steps of BiasBuster™. They parallel the whole process, from raising awareness of bias … Continued


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The BiasBuster™ program develops awareness of bias, & provides tools for its management. Bias doesn’t have to be negative. We are all biased. It’s a symptom of having lived. Understanding bias develops self-awareness and better decision-making, and improves interpersonal relationships. … Continued

Affinity Bias

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This article explains “affinity bias,” the psychological phenomenon where we have intuitive trust and fondness for people who appear to be like us. af·fin·i·ty Synonymous with “empathy for” or “rapport with,” the word affinity has Latin origins. It began with … Continued