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You Are So Attractive…

Ancient texts and religious writtings speak of it. Poets, gurus, and sages have espoused the good news of it for thousands of years. Books and movies have been written and produced about it. Songs have been sung about it, and people have made a fortune teaching it. But do you know enough about it to […]

Stages of the Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey was a concept introduced by Joseph Campbell and which can be seen in literature, movies, religion, and our own lives. Read on for a full explanation of the Hero’s Journey. The personal life angle is what my Live Heroically initiative is all about. The Hero’s Journey is a pattern involving a person […]

Me vs. Me

A term associated with the hero’s journey, and a major underlying theme of the hero’s ascension to the higher self, is Ego Death. As the hero breaks free from the limitations of his or her old self, selfishness subsides and they gain enlightenment. It’s during this stage that the hero experiences increased awareness of the true […]

Live Heroically

You don’t have to have superpowers in order to be a hero. You don’t have to be able to fly or shoot lasers from your eyes. You just have to be brave enough not to shy away from adversity, determined enough to face down obstacles, and strong enough to choose to be heroic. Live Heroically has […]

My Brain Doesn’t Process ‘Happy’

…at least, not in the way you might expect. Earlier today, I read about Depressive Realism; how depression affects the brain; and what causes depression, which led to how religion affects people & everything from Marx quotes to medical journals to the Psychology Today blog. It’s often said that depression results from a chemical imbalance, but […]

Get Out of Your Way

There are three types of obstacles that you will likely face in life: personal obstacles, environmental obstacles, and social obstacles. But, know this: The biggest obstacle is in your own head. I’ve dealt with personal obstacles before & talked about how to re-frame and overcome them. Environmental obstacles are often unexpected conditions, occurrences, and circumstances that […]

Are You Holding Yourself Back?

This is one of my favorite sayings:   If you’re real with yourself, you know it’s true. I’m guilty of being afraid of my own power before. Personal obstacles are related to our psychology, behaviors, and state of mind. They can include: unhelpful habits, debilitating emotions, paralyzing fears, and limiting beliefs. These things prevent us […]