What do you want to do?

New Heights Await…


Everyone has greatness within.

That’s where it begins.

Realizing that greatness can take some work, though. Overcoming your programming, internal and external obstacles, and all other kinds of adversity… that’s the key.

And it’s merely a matter of fully grasping that you are Inclined to Rise.


One tool for overcoming mindsets that no loner serve you is the BiasBuster debiasing system that helps raise awareness and educate about bias, as well as identify its effects and minimize the less-than-desirable ones.

This debiasing training tool is great for any diversity and inclusion department, decisionmaking operation, or when you find yourself in a state of personal stagnation… BiasBuster is Heather’s proprietary system to help identify mental patterns and transcend the ones which may be hurting your performance.


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