Steer Your Mind.
Steer Your Life.
Be in charge of — the HEADMASTER — of your life.

This book is your guide to doing that.

With perspectives & tips created from research in psychology, public policy & affairs, and even organizational management (which includes teams and businesses), the HEADMASTER™ book will help you develop the mental mastery and excellence habits to help you realize your ideal.

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New Heights Await When You Elevate Your Great

Reaching new levels of success requires transcending old ways of living. You want to rise above your current situation.

Doing that requires developing The Attitude for Altitude.

It is a personal growth tool, as well as the theme for the youth leadership and excellence initiative that begins in 2018. If you want to develop your own mindset to reach new heights, contact Heather with the details of your situation & she will help you find a solution that fits.

Another part of leaving your old self behind is to Recognize Your Programming, that is, to understand your mental patterns and habits because the only way to create a new life is to incapacitate the old one.

That is also the premise of the diversity and inclusion program BiasBuster that raises awareness of bias and provides tools for its management.

Bias in instinctive, but it doesn’t have to stink.

We can use it as a tool for personal growth or a strategy for organizational success. When we can identify how things work, we can improve performance.

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