A brief description of the book follows, but this post goes much further into detail (clicking link will open a new window): Why I wrote ‘What the Water Did’

Hurricane season of 2017 was an intense one… Harvey, Irma, & Maria caused massive devastation from South Texas to the Caribbean to Puerto Rico.

But, where people have been knocked down, they’ve gotten up stronger than ever. Where there was destruction, there’s an opportunity to build. And, even though everyone affected lead completely different lives, the hurricanes have given people people a chance to come together.

What the Water Did tells stories against the backdrop of Hurricane Harvey—all the situations folks found themselves in were different, but the shared experience brought out themes and feelings that all humans can share.

The stories are retellings of stories found from research, social media, and news reports. All the names within, except for those who lost their lives, are made up, but the stories are accessible to everyone.

Proceeds from this book’s sales will go to fund hurricane relief. This is a chance to share the experience, show support and commemorate these natural disasters, & make a collective impact for our fellow humans in need.