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Who Owns You?

You’ve heard the saying “Stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” In my time spent studying self-determination, asset maximization, and the psychology of winning “followers” (customers, voters, etc.), a few patterns have emerged. Teaching college government, I talked about the Lockean principle of the rights to life, liberty, and property — the building blocks […]

Get Everybody In

Encompassingness – the essence of surrounding or holding within. Having a message that encompasses, grabs, captures, appeals to people across all different walks of life is the key to catching on, starting a trend, going viral… it’s how you can walk down the street and see one brand, like Nike, on bodies of all ages, […]

You Are Your Best Follower

Similar to the way a brand, organization, or initiative message has to be accessible to many, you have to make your narrative accessible to everyone. The first step of this practice is being “All n” and living fully dedicated to your goals. Second, you have to demonstrate that dedication. In this way, you are your […]

‘All In’ Info Kit

‘All In’ applies to businesses, teams, personal interactions, ANYTHING – it’s my job as an inclusion model researcher and developer to help you see how diversity is a good thing & to help you discover the tools to create better synergy. The ‘All In’ presentation is one way we can begin that process. Learn more […]