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10 Signs You’re a People-Pleaser

You’ll never reach your goals if you’re trying to be all the things to all the people. You could argue that it is not only in our psyche, but also in our genes, to seek acceptance. Acceptance could be the difference between life and death when we were crowded around fires in caves, but it […]

You Define You

Life is not “full of ups and downs”. Life IS ups and downs. I’ve been learning about Qi, or Chi, and the first lesson I picked up is that everything—good and bad—is part of life. We should acknowledge that it all exists. EVERYTHING. So often, people get caught in what I’ve been calling “the pitfall […]

Set Goals For Yourself

Not “for yourself” in the sense that your goals are about what you’ll do. I’m talking about getting frickin real with yourself about what you TRULY want your life to look like. Not the patty-cake, watered-down, nice stuff you share with others. Not what you want to do for everyone else. C’mon, this is in […]