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A Part, Not Apart™

I see people treat certain issues, like homelessness, as if they are separate from them. As if they’re in some different world, not directly on the street of their own city. Christians treat Muslims as if they’re not legitimate members of this existence (when they’re just as entitled to live with their set of beliefs). […]

ZIP It… ZIP It Good

I studied a few effective leaders: the University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach, Pat Summitt; businessman and philanthropist, John Huntsman, Sr.; and Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach for America. It became clear, very quickly, that they may have affected different fields, but they shared some important traits. They all had ZIP: Zest Integrity Persistence Let’s […]

You Are Your Best Follower

Similar to the way a brand, organization, or initiative message has to be accessible to many, you have to make your narrative accessible to everyone. The first step of this practice is being “All n” and living fully dedicated to your goals. Second, you have to demonstrate that dedication. In this way, you are your […]

Leadership & Inclusion

Good Leadership Provides Structure, Directs Multiple inputs to Desired Outcomes With clear vision and decisive action, achievement becomes a breeze. This concept applies to inclusion, as well; when inclusiveness is the desired outcome, a good leader will pursue it and inspire the same in others. What Makes A Good Leader? Leadership is the art or process of […]