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Gay Is the New Interracial… Sorta, Part 1

Let’s rewind 47 years to a late-60’s United States, a country where people of color are not allowed to use the same water fountains as whites, the word “Nigger” is still an acceptable term, and the law that “any person born in the United States regardless of race is a U.S. citizen” has only been […]

No More Gay Marriage

It’s time that we say “toodle-loo” to gay marriage. No, not the union of two people with the same “bathing suit areas,” but to the term: GAY MARRIAGE. I’ll let this joke set it up: “Gay” is becoming part of everyday life, and it’s becoming more and more clear that us LGBT folks grocery shop, […]

Farewell to Fred Phelps

Many, many, many people know of Fred Phelps. He was a pastor. He headed the Westboro Baptist  Church. He’s associated with some pretty hateful ideas and acts. And he passed away today. Plenty of people are glad to see him go. They think it’s the end of an era, that his church will slowly peter off without him. […]