We’re Just Resident Aliens

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As the picture with the kitty at the bottom-right of this page would suggest, I spend a lot of time thinking about existence, time and space, what religions and scientists and philosophers have been trying to explain for centuries… Fun, … Continued

Life Requires Dialogue… We Have to Be Willing to Participate

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Wednesday night, I randomly came across a HuffPost opinion piece titled ‘Christians Turn Love into a Four-Letter Word‘.  It’s by Suzanne Dewitt Hall, a freelance writer who lives with her wife and cat named Chicken. I found it Googling “turn word … Continued

If You Didn’t “Come from Monkeys”, Why Do You Engage In So Much “Monkey See, Monkey Do” Behavior?

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…also, that’s not how evolution works. Previously, I covered socialization and its effects on us. In A World Full of Impersonation, I Crave Unique Interpretation. Mimicking is a big part of our learning process. To this very day, I put … Continued

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