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Ebb and Flow, High and Low (Day 22)

There are days when the funk settles in, and not the Kool & the Gang type! I’m talking the no-good, very bad, “when it rains it pours”-type doo-doo days. Today was one of those days for me. And while I know it’s mainly chemical & all inside myself, the little things that go wrong on […]

Past, Present, and Future Reconciliation

“I was such a crazy a-hole for years that when people talk about me, I expect they’re saying not-great things.” An old friend said this to me on the phone earlier. And I knew exactly what she meant, but I also knew that she couldn’t be more wrong about herself! We’ve all gone through rebellious […]

See All Of Me

I’m more than a number More than color or creed I’m a past and a future Please, see all of me I have hopes I have fears I have love I have doubt Look at them all to figure me out Each person is more Than what we can see I’m still in the works […]

An Unexpected Medium

Every once in awhile, things line up nicely. . . We have a morning ritual in our house—we wake up, enjoy some coffee, and either turn on music and watch the hummingbird feeder or watch some HuffPost news. This morning, a big blonde ‘do caught my attention in the ‘Recent Videos’ section—it was a screenshot […]

Light It Up

I was surrounded by darkness. Friends and family wanted so badly for me to come out of it, but were powerless against it. They came with flashlights and inner light and lanterns and lamps and matches and candles and neon flashing signs. . . but how can they fight my battle? How can they know […]