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From Me to You

My art page lists [price]+shipping on the pieces offered. Here’s why… I leave the shipping option open for a few reasons: Sometimes, people want it delivered quickly, if they’re giving it as a gift or just want it ASAP to complete a room’s look. Other people want it whenever, so I can save them a […]

Celestial Tempest

This piece of abstract art is called Celestial Tempest because it captures heavenly beauty in its stormy chaos. It was achieved by employing the dirty pour method, using completely custom-mixed acrylic paints—truly a unique piece that would catch the eye of any passerby. More pics below. It is done on an 18×20, 3/4-inch cloth canvas […]

Wet & Wild

Browse photos of the 20×20 acrylic art called ‘Wet & Wild’ below. It is done on a 3:4′-thick canvas. You’ll see custom-mixed colors, chosen & hand-crafted on a sunny day as spring approached, applied to a white background. Price: $75+shipping 📧 > Send an email to make it yours.