‘Maximum YOU-tilization’ is the program I developed from my own experiences in: finding my assets, recognizing the importance of them, as well as actively and mindfully using them to achieve.

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An asset is a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality. We are all born with unique qualities and strengths–those are our most basic assets. I talk about this in my book The Lightbulb Moment because recognizing what value I, as a person, have essentially saved my life. And, as life happens, we pick up various assets in the forms of “street smarts”, degrees, career experience, mentors, and other tangible assets.

Seeing what assets I possess allows me to figure out the best way to use them–an idea that came to me after reading a few articles about wealth maximization (here‘s one of them) and applying those business principles to myself.

Thus, my idea of personal asset maximization was born.

It’s my experience that, when I use my assets to my advantage, I find success. And the same can go for everyone. Following my passions, which connect which my natural inclinations, is why I played college sports, have the Esquire suffix, and have achieved goals at every stage of my life. And the same can go for everyone.

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