2016 is here, and it’s going to be pretty sweet, bro.

In the pursuit of a Sweet ’16, I have a plan for success that includes:

  • Seeking Lightbulb Moments
  • Focusing on asset maximization
  • Moving in a positive direction

Read on to learn more about each of these elements.

lightbulb moment

‘The Lightbulb Moment’ is my personal philosophy that guides how I approach new situations, challenges, and even teaching. It helped me get through the darkest time in my life, and helps me try to see the “light”–the opportunity to grow–in every situation. It also reminds me to use my spiritual gifts and shine, no matter the situation.

Seeing life as an endless array of possibilities has changed everything for me, and I encourage everyone to adopt that mindset.

But thoughts don’t do much without actions, which is how Maximum YOU-tilization came to mind.


It is a program I came up with that brings my awareness back to my own assets and how I can use my entire self to be successful. Going through these steps helped me understand what I bring to the table, and then inspired me to think creatively about how to make something of it all. Visit the MAX YOU page to learn more, read articles, and get the program.

pluslifemountainjpgThe other element in this year’s plan, and the title of my upcoming book, is The + Life.

I’m curious to see how much good I can do when I stay present in every moment and, even further, put everything good within me into the world. That’s my goal for the year.

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