You and I aren’t the same in, like, every way… right?

Unless you’re a 30+ mixed Texan who’s pigeon-toed and wrote these exact words, I’m gonna say that, no, we are not the same.

Although… I guess it would depend on how you look at things.

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My life has been chock-full of all kinds of happenings. I’ve learned lessons of the painful AND pleasant sorts. I’ve been so happy I couldn’t help but dance. I’ve felt let down and so broken I didn’t know how I’d keep going. I’ve experienced feelings from joy to love to fear to utter confusion.

I’ve won some. I’ve lost some.

I was born. I will die. And I’m trying to make the best of everything in between.

Some of my memories constantly abide on the fringes of my mind. Others, I can see coming. There are times I get blindsided like a helpless quarterback during a safety blitz, completely unaware of my mental hangups on a topic.

Memories come up that elicit regret, nostalgia, even an outright chuckle at times. And, oh, the plans… the hopes and dreams… the wonderful visions of how the future could be. They all swirl around in my mind.

There are things I feel as if I MUST say. There are ideas, stories, insights I’m dying to share. I want more than to be heard. I want to be understood.

And I’m betting that you feel or have felt those exact same things.

That’s why I’ve started this ‘Everyone Has A Story To Tell’ initiative: to tell stories.

I want you to know my stories. I want to know your stories. But mostly… I want to pull back the curtain by telling real stories, no pretense, no fluff.

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