The Hero’s Journey was a concept introduced by Joseph Campbell and which can be seen in literature, movies, religion, and our own lives. Read on for a full explanation of the Hero’s Journey.

The personal life angle is what my Live Heroically initiative is all about.

The Hero’s Journey is a pattern involving a person who goes on an adventure into a new realm, faces a crisis, emerges as a victor, and returns home as a transformed being.

New realms can be Mordor or a new career—it doesn’t matter, because the pattern and lessons transcend. The Hero’s Journey represents the maturation of the human psyche.

We begin as children who are vulnerable to the forces of the world, but we grow. Then, the call to adventure arises and we have to become capable and skilled to meet everything it entails—the outside distractions, and our inner demons—on the path to realizing our fate: to succeed and reach full potential.

As we reach higher, we develop bigger and better selves. It is an inner battle much more than its an outer battle. It’s destroying the ego, cultivating better skills, and overcoming limiting beliefs to transcend and access our true potentials.

The power is in all of us, but different factors prevent us from seeing it.



You don’t have to be a superhero to be a hero.

No ability to fly or read minds necessary.

Because the protagonist—the hero—is a regular person, the nattative becomes even more meaningful and accessible to us. In fact, the protagonist is usually a lesser version of his or her self, a slacker even, in the beginning of their journey. As Joseph Campbell put it: The hero is a man who begins his journey a by coming out of self-imposed submission.

Only through trials and tribulations does the hero get shaped. It’s why we can’t shy away from adversity & have to rise to meet challenges.

Lessons of the journey manifest across all areas of life. The hero goes through massive transformation both internal and external, and has to learn to get rid of old, bad habits.

The epiphanies and development the hero undergoes creates the greater version of his or her self.

There are 17 steps of the journey, broken down into three acts:

  1. Departure or separation from the ordinary world
  2. Entry to the special world, and initiation into that world
  3. Return to the ordinary world

This pattern repeats across all the different stories, from Star Wars to Jesus: the hero leaves what they know; they access a source of power; and they experience a life-enhancing return.

This pattern can happen in your life, and turn you into your own hero. Click here to start your journey.