You want life to be as accessible as possible, right?

You want to go beyond your current state to achieve your best… I know you do.

For people, this can mean transcending differences with others to come to a mutual understanding.

For speakers, it can mean finding universal themes that speak to listeners’ cores and the essence of humanity.

For businesses, this takes the form of “disability access” and can look like anything from wheelchair ramps to universal design.

Accessibility can give anyone a crucial edge, and I’m here to help make that happen.

How No Limits In Sight Disability Access Consulting Came To Be…

When I became visually impaired, I won’t lie, there was a period of depressed wallowing. I was scared to cross the street, cook, and even shave my legs.

Then, I went full-on Lion King and remembered who I am… Mufasa materialized out of the clouds and everything. And that’s when the idea to become a disability access consultant focusing on vision impairment issues came to me.

I want to help people with vision loss navigate the world, because I know firsthand its importance of and appreciation that comes from ease of access. Simply knowing a business has made a considerate effort to remove barriers of entry and/or use provides a huge sense relief.

I want to help companies solve accessibility problems to become more usable, reachable, and hospitable for people with low or failing vision.

Types of Disability Access Services Offered

There are a number of accessibility measures a business can deploy. Your needs will be as unique as the solutions I create.

To help you, my vision disability access consultation services include:

  • Walking Audit
  • Product Testing
  • Accessibility Strategizing
  • Auditory Quality Assessment (this is a great tool for public speakers)

This list is not exhaustive; they are merely illustrative examples of how I’m making use of my new status.

You only need to want to be more accessible to the visually impaired, and I can take it from there. Contact options below.

Up Your Accessibility Game

If I can help you become disability-friendly, contact me:

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