A term associated with the hero’s journey, and a major underlying theme of the hero’s ascension to the higher self, is Ego Death.

As the hero breaks free from the limitations of his or her old self, selfishness subsides and they gain enlightenment. It’s during this stage that the hero experiences increased awareness of the true nature of self and the rest of life. It is this stripping away of pretension, which is created by the ego, that allows the hero to operate authentically and successfully.

The inner battle—to transcend the self—is the true journey. External victories are merely the foregone conclusions of the inner victory.

Me vs. Me is my journey to kill my older versions in order to continue finding rebirth on higher planes. Read on for links to additional information & posts.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war,
while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”
Sun Tzu

What is the ego?

The ego is an identity of our own construction, an identity which is false.  If we take all the beliefs of what we are – beliefs about our personality, abilities, place in the world, etc. – we have the structure of our ego.  These talents, abilities and aspects of our personality will be attributes of our skills, but the mental construct of our “self” is objectively artificial.

The ego can help us. But, it’s mainly there to protect the view we have of ourselves, and that’s what makes it more hindrance than help. It holds onto limiting beliefs and fear to keep us from being hurt. It makes us short-sighted and selfish to satisfy our immediate desires (a shallow affirmation to ourselves). It plays a big role in creating the negative epxeriences in our lives.

Let the battle begin…

The first part of my process began with being aware of how my ego was affecting my thoughts and life. It sounds simple, but it’s an ongoing process that is very complex and nuanced.

Self-awareness is challenging. We know our own stories, so it becomes easy to justify our actions. We are conditioned and socialized to operate certain ways. We take our feelings and emotions personally. All that is true for you, and it’s true for me.

My Make You Happen strategy and motto came from the beginning stages of my journey. I saw the difference between languishing in a reactive life and living a proactive life that reflects and attracts the type of goodness we have within. We are not mean, rude, separate—those are all created by the ego.

We are meant to be happy, good, kind, loving, excited… those are the things I am at my core, and I was determined to get out of my own way and BE all the good things I know I am

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