Telling stories is a way to connect. ‘Everyone Has A Story To Tell’ is more than just telling sincere stories. It’s my way of opening the door—I’m sharing, and inviting you to do so too.

Let’s Make Your Story Happen

Why am I doing this? I want you to know someone cares.

My door is open. Just walk in.

By telling me your story in the text box below, you have a direct line of communication with me. And it’s all on you, how much or how little you share. I’m not asking for an email or your name. Just your story.

Any other means of communication—Facebook, email, text, etc.—makes us put on a front. We’re more connected, but people feel more alone than ever. Sometimes, we need to be blunt. Like, blunt. This is your chance.

Tell me what brings you the most joy. Share the thing that bugs you the most. Tell me the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done. Confess your crush. Share the thing that hurts you most. Suggest a post topic. Ask for help. (I’ll be doing the same, so check back!)

With no identifying information, you can tell your story without feeling judged. I can’t assume anything, presuppose anything, or know anything other than what you want me to know.

Write your own story.

If you’re ready to tell your story to the world, but just aren’t sure how to start, check out my Make Your Story Happen How-To Guide.

Take a gander at the most recent stories I’ve told:

Selfishness – A Blessing, Or A Curse

As kids, we are taught that being selfish is bad… I remember being forced to share with others rather than them being taught patience or negotiation or deli gown when to make sure they got what I had next, which … Continued

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Everyone Is Beautiful To Someone

The other day, I saw an ad for some  women’s product that talked about a plus-sized girl being beautiful, with a backstory about how she was told she was ugly… you know how it goes. I wish I could remember … Continued

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We’re Just Resident Aliens

As the picture with the kitty at the bottom-right of this page would suggest, I spend a lot of time thinking about existence, time and space, what religions and scientists and philosophers have been trying to explain for centuries… Fun, … Continued

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