This Make Your Story Happen How-To Guide is great for anyone looking to write a book, start writing for fun, or whose writing process needs a jump-start.

How to Use This Guide

This manual builds, step-by-step, so it would be best to read through each section. But, you can scroll to the bottom of this page to jump ahead to a specific section.

This guide can be used whether you’re writing an autobiography, a fiction novel, or a blog post. The writing process abides. However, there are tips and tricks for writing compelling work that you may not have seen before, as well as a few personal stories to help you see things from new perspectives.

Maybe you’ve never written before. Maybe you need to bust a case of writer’s block. Maybe you just need some inspiration.

I found strength in expressing myself, and it would be my great pleasure to share my experience and inspire you to do the same.

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Make Your Story Happen How-To Guide Steps

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  1. Select
  2. Direct
  3. Affect
  4. Reflect
  5. Perfect