You don’t have to have superpowers in order to be a hero.

You don’t have to be able to fly or shoot lasers from your eyes. You just have to be brave enough not to shy away from adversity, determined enough to face down obstacles, and strong enough to choose to be heroic.

Live Heroically has a few different parts: an excellence initiative, a place where I’m sharing my journey, and a mental health initiative. Read on to learn more about each of them.

Begin the journey…

Every great achievement starts with the decision to try. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You have to start to finish.

Every hero has a beginning. And I’ve come up with an easy three-step program to help you become a hero.

Learn about The Hero’s Journey & begin yours here.

Me vs. Me

The hero may face great obstacles and formidable foes, but the real struggle is an internal one: to stay focused on the goal, to overcome the ego, or to be bigger than ingrained limiting beliefs.

It’s an ongoing process, and this is where I share my struggles and triumphs..

Read more about Me vs. Me & posts about my journey and the things that have/haven’t worked so far!

Choose to Live

The final stage of the Hero’s Journey, after transcending trials and tests, the hero understands their ability to choose how to live. Through this mental health initiative, I am tackling issues from depression to abuse to suicide, all in the context of looking at ourselves and our life events differently.

We don’t have to take the One Ring to Mount Doom or return the Heart of Te Fiti. Starting any moment we want, we have the ability at all times to choose how we will participate in life.

Read more about Choose to Live.

I offer coaching and consulting if you need a little extra help finding your inner hero or want to apply living heroically to your business, team, or organization.

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