Every Hero’s Journey begins with an inciting event—a threat, an opportunity, or some call to adventure that forces the hero out of the status quo.

The first that happens is that the hero is shaken up!

Think about all the stories you’ve read or movies you’ve seen: there’s a call to adventure or other catalyst the gets the story rolling (like, a threat to happiness/health or a temptation to get something great) & action must be taken.

At first, the hero wants to refuse the call—it sounds too dangerous, too challenging, too uncomfortable… he or she doesn’t see their own potential.

At this point, fear must be overcome. Action must be taken.

When it comes to personal excellence, our call to action comes from within. If you wait to make a change, you might end up waiting an eternity. There’s never a perfect or best time to act… the only time is NOW.

Have faith that, as you go along, you’ll figure things out.

So, what does that mean?

With this knowledge—that something BIG kicks off every hero’s quest—we can look at adversity and challenges and all the “bad” things in our lives differently.

Instead of being victimized or traumatized or discouraged, we can be brave and optimistic and turn those lemons into lemonade. Instead of being intimidated, we have the chance to be empowered.

The opportunity to rise is introduced at this stage. Whether it’s a treasure or a threat, this is where we begin the process of discovering how great we can be.

Once things are shaken up, we move into the next stage… where the transformation really takes shape. Click here or on the image below to continue to Step 2.