After things are shaken up (step 1), the hero has to go through a breaking process. This is the middle part of the Hero’s Journey.

A few things break at this stage:

  1. The hero has to break out of their comfort zone and into the new realm.
  2. They have to break old patterns (unhelpful thoughts and habits).
  3. And, through it all, they have a breakthrough to a higher plane of existence.

Lots of themes from my Break You to Break Through theory are mirrored in this stage, manly that the hero has to become aware of their shortcomings and then find ways to overcome them. The main idea in the entire journey, but particularly this “act” is that victory is achieved internally (mentally, emotionally, intellectually) first, and the outside follows suit.

First, they break out of their norm. Then, they break habits.

At this stage, the Hero faces distractions and temptations to stray from the virtuous path. They must learn to resist instant [and shallow] gratification and stay focused on the goal. Rising above selfish desires is a big part of the inner transformation..

This stage takes perseverance and grit, wit, cleverness, or whatever other skills required to overcome adversity.

In ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’, NegaScott is Scott Pilgrim’s alter ego and dark side, and represents his past, his dark side.

The hero ultimately faces (and breaks free from) something that holds great power over them. Sometimes, this is an external force (an enemy, an opponent), but an internal battle they also must defeat the dark parts of their selves.

Then, the hero breaks through and becomes their own person. They hold their own power. And they emerge better than ever.

This is the culmination of the hero’s development. Their old self is dead, and they “get it”—the hero has awareness of their development and their high self. It is at this point the hero is  and they are free to transcend.

This is when the hero realizes the divine within, and is wholeheartedly self-assured and confident in their ability to face challenges.

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Once something breaks, it’s time to put it back together—continue to the final stage of your hero’s journey: Re-Make