Life is full of challenges & we make the choice, every day, whether or not to face them.

I don’t know about you, but I’m Inclined to Rise

Knee-high casts on both legs are difficult at any age.Imagine learning to walk with them.That’s exactly what happened when Heather was taking her first steps.

Underdeveloped calf tendons threatened her ability to walk, even her future. So, the doctors came up with the idea to put the casts on her legs to help them stretch as she grew.Her mother worried… her grandmother worried… the doctors molded the casts on Heather’s legs, and…PYOOM! H was gone as soon as the plaster hardened.And she hasn’t stopped since.The little girl who almost couldn’t walk played NCAA Division 1 volleyball. She’s climbed mountains and chased purse snatchers. She’s walked across graduation stages and television sets.That first moment of unfettered ambition to live set the stage for an entire lifetime of GO!, and provides the basis for Inclined to Rise, Heather’s newest and most inspirational initiative yet.

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