How Ideal Becomes Real.

My unique combination of skills, interests & experiences have led to the creation of this new field – Ideal Development.

I have a Pollyanna-esque optimism which, combined with a natural inclination to simplify and find solutions, makes me able to create a vision for the future and a clear path to realize it. It is both my calling and pleasure to make ideal real.

Being an ideal developer is the intersection of my strengths and inspiration.

How ideal becomes real.

īD is a curriculum-style program that combines elements of my Make You Happen initiative, and has multiple applications:

  • Personal Growth & Achievement
  • Team Success
  • Organizational Cohesion

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you get your entire life to look the way you want it? Aligning your thoughts and actions with the big picture – step by step, day by day, act by act. This applies to self-actualization and business management, personal success and winning team strategies alike.

I believe that, if it’s in you to think it, it’s in you to achieve it.

What’s your īD?

I can help make your ideal real in a number of ways:

These programs are all centered around one idea: increasing performance.

These concepts apply personally as well as organizationally, in the boardroom or on the ball field, to executives and to students – the way I’ve broken down what it takes to achieve is universal.

Let me know how I can help develop your ideal.