Make Your Ideal Real.

īD Consulting is perfect for administration and management, like boards and executive leadership who want to set a tone for their entire organization.

A central message unites people and provides a structure within which everyone can contribute to overall success. I use principles from my All In program to focus the organization’s goals and define everyone’s roles within it. This approach can address a range of legal and social issues, such as diversity and inclusion, paramount to any entity’s success.

Consulting options include:

  • New Initiatives and/or Programs 
  • Motto and Slogan Creation
  • Policy Conception & Drafting

Whatever your specific needs are, I can provide innovative and personalizaed solutions to meet them.

This is most effective when paired with a seminar or course designed to communicate your goals, focus your team, and improve overall performance. View Seminar & Course options here.

Fees vary based on time/involvement. Email me to discuss your goals; dates/availability; and get an assessment.