Feeling Low? Time to Look Up

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The pyramid, in its usage throughout history, symbolizes bigger consciousness of strength and energy.

In dream analysis, pyramids stand for the search for the sense of life–they often represent a wish or the subconscious feelings of the dreamer. Researchers of old-Egyptian symbolism uncovered that Who sees a pyramid, a secret gets.

At the spiritual level, the pyramid is a symbol for the integration of self and soul. The shape—also apparent in how the ancient Egyptians used it—stands for death and rebirth:

  • The base represents the body, the most connected part of us to the physical world;
  • The sides represent the spiritual “attempts” we make to connect to the spiritual world; and
  • The top point symbolizes the harmonious union with our ‘higher self’.

The ancient Egyptians saw the shape of the pyramids as a method of providing new life to the dead, because the pyramid represented the form of the physical body emerging from the earth and ascending towards the light of the sun.

Within us, there are two aspects:

  1. The inner, divine self; and
  2. The body, the physical entity.

The goal of many spiritual quests and psychological pursuits, like in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs…

…is the realization of one’s real existence, which is that we are not merely the body; rather, our real existence is a state of being, our consciousness, an expression of the universal consciousness.

The Christian faith tells people to Seek ye first the kingdom of God, which Jesus Christ is quoted as having said is within each person. Buddhists’ goal is to reach Nirvana, the ultimate spiritual goal of releasing all attachment to earthly entanglements. The point of it all is realizing, accepting, and expressing the divine that is within.

Some people achieve this state of being through various types of meditation; others, during rituals or services. “Experiencing God”, feeling totally at-one with everything has been sought by people for centuries via everything from going into nature to using psychedelic drugs.

These techniques allow us to live more harmoniously, being connected the ‘higher self’, more self-actualized, enlightened, “living in the spirit,” and generally feeling more in-touch with our soul. And that’s the point when everything in life changes…

Like, exponential improvement.

Increased creativity, inner peace, the ability to stay centered even amidst chaos… getting in touch with our Soul allows us to discover, develop, and truly live our purpose—and isn’t that what we’re all seeking?

Fulfillment. Purposeful. Useful. Like we’re contributing or making the world a little bit better by what we do.

These are the things I meditate on constantly. From childhood, learning about “spiritual gifts” in church, I’ve been keen to find out what my intuitive strengths are and how I can develop and use them.

Painting has been a creative outlet for me—everything from choosing and mixing colors to getting the paint to juuuuust the right consistency to deciding on a technique is so cathartic and, I find, ends up representing my feelings during the creative session.

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‘Osiris Rising’ (the painting to the left) is a result of a particularly power-full time in both my mind and on the canvas.

I was drawn to the triangle—or pyramid—shape canvas, the colors, and to live in my own quiet power through creative expression.

Life, as it does, has been chaotic… and I was using every ounce of my will to stay in touch with my inner peace, to remember that I am—above everything—joy, love, enlightenment, whichever higher quality I could hold onto to remain on top of what I was putting out, which is what represents me to the world.

The colors represent it. The shape symbolizes it. And the result is something to behold. I named it as such after the Egyptian god of death and rebirth, a parallel to what I was feeling: the death of Past Me & the rebirth of a more-empowered Me.

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