Day 76 – Compartmentalizing

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When I set out on this physical challenge, I didn’t expect to change so much mentally and emotionally. But, I guess if I’m trying to improve myself on a deeper level, some spill-over can be expected.
I read ‘The Power of Now’ many, many, many years ago. And some of the lessons from that book are just now coming to fruition in my real life. One particular lesson has been to truly, actually live in each present moment.
This may be a crazy or high falutin idea, but I saw it in the most simple action: doing high knees.
Instead of looking at high knees as an exercise to complete in 30 second blocks, I focused on each and every step. I made sure that each time I got my knee, left then right then left then right, up to belly button level. And I made sure that I sent my feet down, left then right then left then right, the right way and so that I would have balance for the next immediate step.
I compartmentalized in focus on giving 100 percent of each tiny step. And, in doing so, I ended up doing better overall.
This spilled over into my life side of sweaty workout clothes. When I drove, I drove without a phone present and my full attention on the road. When I stood up in front of the class to lecture, that’s what I focused on, every word and every slide and every answer was for that class & that class only.
Instead of getting buried under life, how can we all break it down and give all of our energy and attention to only what’s happening right in front of us? Instead of trying to paint an entire picture, all at once, every inch and stroke simultaneously, why can we not slow down and break it down and give every detail 100 percent of our attention?
I won’t go so far as to say that everyone should do less. That’s not a feasible declaration. But breaking down each task, taking things in step, and then giving and increased effort for each part could be a much more beneficial mindset.