I’m constantly looking for improvement…

As someone who is highly intuitive and loves finding creative solutions, consulting is more than a job – for me, it is a vocation. I’ve always been a “big picture” thinker, so the ever-changing landscape of freelance troubleshooting gives me the joy of new challenges as I seek the higher ideals that drive me and this work.

In honing my consulting services, I’ve taken all my education, training, work history, and personal experience which includes:

  • Conflict resolution,
  • Lean Six Sigma methods and principles,
  • Policy drafting and interpretation,
  • DEI and Bias training, and
  • Data Analytics.

My experience is multifaceted. I have created programs to help reduce the negative effects of bias on the workplace – you can get an idea of my approach here. I have reviewed and helped write organizational policy, in addition to creating training programs.

And I offer a range of packages (see below) for providing strategies to prevent problems and improve performance.

Here are the most common consulting packages I offer — but please ask about custom services.

Lunch & Learn:

  • 2-hour presentation; essentially a shortened seminar
  • Best suited for diversity/enrichment
  • Great option for large groups who need a flexible and efficient service

One-Day Audit:

  • Take me through a typical work day
  • Great for performance, as well as Lean Six Sigma assessment
  • This is the fastest, most efficient way to uncover the most critical obstacles & formulate a clear, actionable plan to solve them.

Five-Day Assessment:

  • In-depth assessment and analysis of operations from admin to C-suite
  • Best for large organizations
  • Involves collaborative review, analysis, and solution generation

See something that suits your needs?