I’m constantly looking for improvement…

As someone who is highly intuitive and loves finding creative solutions, consulting is more than a job – it is a vocation. I’ve always been a “big picture” thinker, so the ever-changing landscape of freelance troubleshooting gives me the joy of new challenges as I seek the higher ideals that drive me. Wide-ranging interests and skills allow me to work in a variety of fields. I have created programs and offer services to help reduce friction in and improve performance in the workplace.

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting the vibe right.

Types of Services:

Vision Accessibility Analysis

My work with Viz-Serv includes performing accessibility audits to assess usability for people with vision impairment. I can help everyone from UXers and designers to self-publishers and entrepreneurs.

DEI and Bias Training

Being biracial in America, studying Government/Politics (which is extremely history-heavy), and being attuned to the ways thoughts/beliefs/opinions are shaped – that’s a recipe for a keen ability to explain and train. Visit this post to get an idea of my approach to DEI.

Conflict Resolution

I was certified as a mediator during law school, and have turned it into a professional practice that I have deployed in 1-on-1, corporate, and b2b settings. in addition to being an actual mediator, I also teach people to implement the core principles of the practice in their day-to-day.

Lean Six Sigma Assessment

Yet another method of improving performance that I was drawn to study. Any operations, whether in a factory or a small tech office, can be improved. As a Lean Six Sigma green belt, I have the framework to help achieve that improvement.

Here are the most common consulting packages I offer — but it is all customizable to fit your needs.

Lunch & Learn:

  • 2-hour presentation; essentially a shortened seminar
  • Best suited for diversity/enrichment
  • Great option for large groups who need a flexible and efficient service

One-Day Audit:

  • Take me through a typical work day
  • Great for performance, as well as Lean Six Sigma assessment
  • This is the fastest, most efficient way to uncover the most critical obstacles & formulate a clear, actionable plan to solve them.

Five-Day Assessment:

  • In-depth assessment and analysis of operations from admin to C-suite
  • Best for large organizations
  • Involves collaborative review, analysis, and solution generation

See something that suits your needs?