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Sometimes, life can be challenging. Feelings and emotions, being down about this or that, feeling purposeless, brain chemistry, etc.—any number of things can separate us from our higher selves.

And that can be really painful.

But, no matter how bad things seem, I’m here to say that you are, I am, we are all able to overcome them. You are, I am, we are not fear or sadness or resentment. We are all given a unique set of characteristics that we can uncover and let SHINE. We each have a hero’s journey to make to let go of what holds us back and level up.

“I Choose To.”

When people simplify “being happy” or minimize the importance or existence of “negative” feelings, that can be infuriating. Our feelings and emotions are our realities. Our pasts made an impact.

But, like Neo in The Matrix, we can choose how we will participate in our lives:

Why do you care, Heather? Why should I listen to you?

I’ve lived the darkness. And I’m not afraid to share my story. I’ve overcome physical and emotional challenges that could have broken me, but ended up making me stronger. I believe in myself.

And I believe in others.

I’ve always seen the best in people. I feel it. I see it. And I’ve made huge impacts on people who I helped realize theirs. It’s a natural thing for me.

And I know the pain of feeling disconnected from it: it’s why I had to declare a revolution against my darkness. I made the choice to live, and to live as a testament to the goodness of life.

It’s a choice to make at all times. Luckily, though, it becomes a habit after awhile.

I can’e make the choice for anybody else. But I can tell you about the hero’s journey itself and that you’re capable of making the choice to begin yours.

You’re worth it. You have it in you.

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