Saying goodbye is tough. Even moreso when it’s because of death.

We have memories of events that touched our hearts, important feelings to express, but getting them out can be tricky with the upheaval that comes along when lives are lost. When your heart is broken or your world is changing, it can be tough to stand up at the funeral or memorial service and say those final goodbye. Professional help can make saying goodbye, like in a eulogy, much less taxing and help you ease into the next phase of your life.

However you’re saying goodbye—making peace before passing, or as a eulogistic honor to a loved one—meaningful last words are one of the most important elements of a person’s final arrangements.

With the opportunity for great personalization, a well-written eulogy or personally-crafted message can truly reflect the uniqueness of the life it honors.

How do I know?

So, what is a eulogy?

A eulogy is a speech or piece of writing that praises someone highly, typically someone who has died. They are typically delivered at funerals, wakes, or memorial services as part of the grieving process and celebration of life.

Why are eulogies and last words important?

A well-crafted eulogy pays tribute to the life of the deceased. It aids the grieving process to share a feelings and memories during times of loss. Tips for Preparing and Delivering a Eulogy

Saying last words gives peace of mind to the person whose death is imminent. It is a chance to give final words of advice, to express appreciation or love, and to experience tranquility in your remaining time in this life. The Importance of Last Words.

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