“You eat what you kill.”

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I’m starting a mediation firm. That’s MEDIATION, not meditation. (Texting with a friend & he didn’t read closely and answered with, “Oh, cool! I didn’t know you were into Buddhism.” Uhhh… no.) Check me out here: Marcus Mediations Having a mediation … Continued


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Welp. I thought I had a job. Sent back an offer letter a couple weeks ago, met the firm partner/namesake, even woke up yesterday morning to do my hair and get suited up. Showed up and the whole place was … Continued

The Torpedo – Lavender

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The Torpedo – Lavender This is an original! I was playing around with stitch techniques, and really liked the piping effect that was created by repeating the drop-down stitch on every row. The color isn’t very good in these pics … Continued

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