Excited About the Upcoming Solar Eclipse? Here’s A Few Extras to Make It A Smidge Cooler

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Whoooooo’s ready for the solar eclipse on August 21st?? Solar eclipses are awesome. Planetary alignment. Celestial bodies doing their thing that we just-so-happen to get to witness. IT’S THE FRICKIN MOON GOING BETWEEN US AND THE SUN. Can you imagine … Continued

When You Don’t Pay Attention, It Doesn’t Just Hurt Me, or You… It Hurts Everything

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More and more, we are divided into communities of concern. And, more and more, these communities are pitted against one another. Each side can’t ignore the other side and live in its own world. This makes us less of a … Continued

The Day I Looked Ignorance In the Face…

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“Oh, that’s a shame,” he said, as the energy in the room changed. As if the prior ten minutes of good, deep conversation and laughter hadn’t even existed. As if the ring, my cuteness, my personality – all the things … Continued

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