Go Ahead & Use People. Here’s How…

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In an article talking about his masterful networking skills, Scot Cohen’s social approach is described as being more than just spending time with people to get something out of them. He goes out to enjoy himself and share experiences with … Continued

Depression, Drugs, & Sex Ed… And Why Old-School Thinking Doesn’t Help Them

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I’ve been on a mission to recognize my programming, that is, to be more aware of my brain chemistry and socialization, and how it all affects my life. Part of that was seeing how what-they’ve-dubbed-depression (but I call “just seeing … Continued

Perhaps, we should step outside…

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…of our comfort zone about comfort zones. This past Friday, I posted this to IG… I’ve been thinking a whole lot about #ComfortZones lately… Namely, that they aren’t a fixed area! So many people say, “it made me get out … Continued

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