“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

That quote by Thomas Merton was true when he wrote it in one of his most popular books No Man Is An Island, and remains true over six decades later.

Here’s an example of how art has inspired self-actualization.

In the book, which is a collection of meditations on the spiritual life, Merton continues the thought:

The mind that responds to the intellectual and spiritual values that lie hidden in a poem, a painting, or a piece of music, discovers a spiritual vitality that lifts it above itself, takes it out of itself, and makes it present to itself on a level of being that it did not know it could ever achieve.

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‘Osiris Rising’

‘Osiris Rising’ is a personal favorite made with acrylic paint—completely custom mixed—on a 12″-sided, 1.5″-thick canvas. Price: $25+shipping

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Celestial Tempest takes acrylic pouring to an ethereal place, and it’ll do the same for any room it’s in.

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‘171 Ophelia’

‘171 Ophelia is a lovely piece that is both dreamy and strong. Lovely hues support a strong focal point while wisps and trails circulate the canvas.

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‘Equid’ is a 10×20 acrylic painting done using the “dirty pour” method. Price: $35+shipping

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‘Lilium’ made a big impact–it didn’t take long for this floral explosion painting to find a new home!

See it without words over its loveliness here.

Wet & Wild

‘Wet & Wild

‘Wet & Wild’ is fluid art that takes classic colors—pink, green, and gold—to an unconventional place. It’s loud, yet sophisticated… kind of like its creator. 😉

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Drippy & Trippy

‘Drippy & Trippy’

‘Drippy & Trippy’ uses the “Dutch pour” technique to take Easter colors to a whole new level.

Yellow, purple, green, and pink were poured in concentric puddles, then tilted around to form this exotic pattern. It is sprayed with a high-gloss varnish finish. Price: $35+shipping

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More to come soon!