Being “All In” is a state of mind.

It’s Michelle Akers leaving everything she had on the pitch to help the USWNT win Olympic gold; doctors removing the IV from her arm so that she could join her teammates on the medal stand.

You’ve seen it in poker — a player shoves his chips to the middle of the table, putting everything on ONE hand.

It’s complete dedication. Immersion. Envisioning a desired outcome, and pursuing it relentlessly.

The principles of being all in apply to:

  • Personal Performance/Achievement
  • Social Issues, like Diversity and Inclusion
  • Organizational Success


Be the Change You Wish to See

That’s a major theme in this initiative. Being “All In” is about living as an example of the way you want life to be.

Whether it’s starting a movement, creating new habits, or wanting to see the condition of the world improve, you have to be an example of how it’s done. You have to proactively embody your vision.

Are You “All In”?

Diversity and Inclusion

My life is a testament to the ups and downs of diversity and inclusion, and my experiences taught me that the “bigger” principles are the keys to success.

So often, people get caught up in the the ways we’re different, the minutia, labels and superficial arguments; and the quality of our lives has become greatly diminished as a result.

I want to change the paradigm & find what our commonalities can teach us about improving life. Understanding the larger guiding principles helps make real and lasting changes which can affect personal success, social interactions, business relationships… world peace, man.

Encompassingness Matters

Strength In Numbers

The Iroquois tell a story about how they were at war until the Peacemaker brought the original Five Nations together and demonstrated strength in unity by first taking one arrow and breaking it, then bundling five arrows together and showing how the bundle could not be broken.

There is success to be found in massive support, in including people.

Finding creative ways to incorporate multiple inputs (people, viewpoints, information, etc.) into a targeted implementation leads to big things.

Individual commitment to a group effort—that’s what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
Vince Lombardi


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