Location, Empathy, Others – Solutions Work Better When They’re Inclusive

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An article about a professor in Baylor University’s School of Social Work gave me A New View of Assets and Opportunities. It also taught me about a relationship model used by social relief workers: The Accompaniment Model ex: In the … Continued

A Part, Not Apart™

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I see people treat certain issues, like homelessness, as if they are separate from them. As if they’re in some different world, not directly on the street of their own city. Christians treat Muslims as if they’re not legitimate members … Continued

Decision-making, belief, and behavioral biases

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Decision-making, belief, and behavioral biases are rooted in psychology, child-rearing, even socialization. They represent lapses in rationality and/or objectivity. Many of these biases affect belief formation, business and economic decisions, and human behavior in general. Included under the general umbrella … Continued

The BiasBuster 3-Step Program

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Bias is instinctive, but it doesn’t have to stink. “Biased” means one-sided, lacking a neutral viewpoint, or not having an open mind. Those descriptors inspired the three steps of BiasBuster™. They parallel the whole process, from raising awareness of bias … Continued