Don’t Sink the Boat… We’re All In This Together

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We are more connected than ever before. We are in agreement more than ever before. Unfortunately, we are connected by pain. We agree that things need to change. We are in the same boat……and that boat feels like it’s sinking. … Continued

All In

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Being “All In” is a state of mind. It’s Michelle Akers leaving everything she had on the pitch to help the USWNT win Olympic gold; doctors removing the IV from her arm so that she could join her teammates on … Continued

‘All In’ Info Kit

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‘All In’ applies to businesses, teams, personal interactions, ANYTHING – it’s my job as an inclusion model researcher and developer to help you see how diversity is a good thing & to help you discover the tools to create better … Continued

Hurt Creates Hurt (Here’s How I Know)… Or, That Time I Brought Knuckle Sandwiches to the B-ball Game

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When I was about twelve, I played on an amazing basketball team. I’m talking fiercely competitive, yet good-natured gals who loved to hoop. (Shout-out to Arlington Swoosh) We were in San Antonio one weekend, playing in one of our many … Continued