How Companies Can Keep It Real When It Comes to DEI

To avoid performative allyship in their DEI efforts, corporations can take several concrete steps, including:

Set measurable goals and targets for diversity, equity, and inclusion:

Companies can set specific and measurable goals for increasing representation of marginalized groups in their workforce, leadership positions, and supplier networks. These goals should be accompanied by clear strategies for achieving them, and regular progress updates should be provided to employees and stakeholders.

Provide comprehensive training and resources to employees:

Companies can invest in comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion training for all employees, including leadership. They can also provide resources such as affinity groups, mentorship programs, and employee resource groups to support marginalized employees and help them thrive in the workplace.

Actively seek out and hire diverse candidates:

Companies can broaden their recruiting efforts to attract diverse candidates, including by partnering with organizations that serve underrepresented groups, reviewing and adjusting job descriptions to eliminate unconscious bias, and conducting blind resume reviews to eliminate bias in the hiring process.

Hold leadership accountable for creating an inclusive workplace culture:

Companies can hold their leadership accountable for creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace culture, including by incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion metrics into performance evaluations and compensation structures.

Engage in ongoing self-reflection and assessment:

Companies can engage in ongoing self-reflection and assessment of their DEI efforts to ensure that they are making real progress and not simply engaging in performative allyship. This can include conducting regular surveys and focus groups with employees to assess their experiences and needs, and using this feedback to guide ongoing DEI efforts.

Overall, the key to avoiding performative allyship in corporate DEI efforts is to prioritize meaningful and sustained action over symbolic gestures or public statements. Companies that take concrete steps to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout their organization are more likely to make a real difference for their marginalized employees and communities.