Tune In

I watched a TikTok in which a girl said the following:

“the world will tell you to tune out, but some of us can’t disconnect… we are called to connect, the few of us who have the capacity to carry the weight of the truth without losing our minds or our direction. some people have to tune out their emotions to adapt and survive in this society, and in the wake of that apathy, a new monster that deals in energetic oppression is coming for us all.”

what do you think she means by that?

Based on what the girl said in the video, it seems like she is speaking about the importance of staying connected and engaged with the world, even when it can be overwhelming or difficult. She suggests that some people have a greater capacity to bear the weight of truth, even when it is uncomfortable or painful, and that those people have a responsibility to remain engaged with the world.

The girl also seems to be suggesting that there is a danger in disconnecting or tuning out our emotions, as it can lead to a kind of apathy that allows oppressive forces to take hold. By “energetic oppression,” she may be referring to the idea that there are forces in the world that seek to control or subjugate others, and that by disconnecting from our emotions, we make ourselves more vulnerable to their influence.

Overall, it seems like the girl is advocating for the importance of staying connected to our emotions and to the world around us, even when it can be difficult or overwhelming, in order to resist oppressive forces and work towards a more just and equitable society.