Writing Prompts to Unblock

We’ve all gotten a case of Writer’s Block from time to time.

Here are some writing prompts to help the creative juices flow:

  1. Conformity vs. individuality:
  • Write a story about a character who must decide whether to conform to societal expectations or follow their own path.
  • Describe a society that highly values individuality, but in doing so, creates a new set of problems.
  • Write a character who is torn between fitting in with their peers or standing out and expressing their uniqueness.
  1. Memory and history:
  • Describe a world where everyone has perfect memory and the benefits and drawbacks of such a society.
  • Write a story where a character discovers a hidden cache of memories and must decide what to do with them.
  • Create a character who has lost all memory of their past and must rediscover who they are.
  1. The value of emotions:
  • Write about a character who has never experienced emotions and what happens when they finally do.
  • Describe a society where emotions are highly valued and those who cannot feel them are outcasts.
  • Write about a character who must learn to regulate their emotions in order to achieve a goal.
  1. Freedom and choice:
  • Write about a society where individual freedom is highly valued and the consequences of such a society.
  • Create a character who must make a difficult choice that will change the course of their life.
  • Describe a character who is trapped in a situation where they have no choice and how they try to gain their freedom.
  1. The dangers of utopianism:
  • Write about a character who discovers that their utopian society is not as perfect as it seems.
  • Create a society that appears perfect on the surface but has hidden flaws that lead to a dystopia.
  • Write about a character who rebels against their society’s expectations to find true happiness and fulfillment.

I hope these prompts inspire you!