Performative vs Genuine Allyship

Performative allyship refers to actions that are taken by individuals or groups who claim to be allies of a marginalized community but are primarily motivated by the desire to be seen as “good” or “woke” rather than a genuine commitment to supporting the community.

Performative allyship often involves surface-level actions such as sharing social media posts or attending rallies or protests without taking further action to support the community. These actions may be well-intentioned, but they ultimately prioritize the ally’s comfort and image over the needs and concerns of the marginalized community.

True allyship, on the other hand, involves actively working to understand and challenge the systemic injustices that impact marginalized communities and taking tangible steps to support them. This may involve educating oneself, amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, donating time and resources, and advocating for policy changes.

It’s important to note that allyship is a continuous process that requires ongoing effort and self-reflection. It’s not about perfection or being an expert, but about a commitment to learning and taking action in support of marginalized communities.