Money Talks… So Give It A Script

We’ve seen protests decrying police brutality and overall systemic racism and white supremacy in our country.

Now, it’s time to communicate in ways that will REALLY force people in power to sit up and take notice by hitting them where it hurts:

the bottom line

July 7th is an “economic blackout” day. The activist behind the movement – #BlackoutDay2020 – communicated that:

“…black consumers spend $1.2 trillion and he wants them to use that power to force more efforts to stop police brutality and institutional racism in the U.S.”

So, if you’re black or brown, get on board.

If you’re not, this your notice. This is how you participate. Mark your calendars.

It’s a way to speak with one voice, the voice of capitalism. Capitalese? No… Capitalian!

And that’s one they’ll actually listen to.

Spread the word. Let’s understand what impact we can make.

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