This ‘Moral Vacuum’ Sucks

Yeah, that’s an amazing & hilarious pun that I make to our robo-vac (who we named Ray Donovan & I don’t remember why), but I wish I felt as lighthearted as that joke might make me seem.

This year has been one giant, ass-ache of a slide into some really nasty realizations about our society.

I’m talking, like, this kind of slide:

With some of this sprinkled on top:

People have become mired in the muck of political issues, driven apart by pressure not to be wrong and to toe the party line. And I’ve witnessed scores of people I once believed to be kind and otherwise-alright folks turn into ugly, hateful, scornful Death-Eaters.

And, as Rev. Robert Schenck puts it, “what it seems to suggest is that a kind of final conversion has taken place, at least in their thinking, if not in their hearts.. and, if it is in their hearts, then I fear for them in terms of reclaiming their moral integrity, regaining a sense of ethics and what is right and wrong…”

I’ll let him speak for himself: