Hey, “Conservatives”, Nobody Is Trying to Silence You… We’re Just Tired of Your Stupid BS

Finally, that dope at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. did something even the boot-lickin’ panderers who broadcast to his people can’t defend…

Fed-up Fox News host destroys trump over executive order against twitter (click to view the video on YouTube)

A line from the video caught my attention:

Republicans traffic in perpetual victimhood

The “so-called silencing of Conservatives” is a theme that is as recurring as it is annoying.

They call others snowflakes yet whine about perceived slights. They actively try to shut those same Others out, then complain that they’re the ones being rejected when their efforts fail. See: marriage equality, or not forcing kids who have other beliefs to pray to white, bearded God in the clouds in public schools.

I’m tired of pretending their claims are valid. Sure, everyone is entitled to have an opinion… but I also reserve the right to think theirs are garbage. And we all have to live with the repercussions of the opinions we express.

Some people break even when their unexpressed opinions are “threatened” (AKA: someone says those opinions suck). That’s when the belligerence surfaces: wElL, tHat’S mY fReEdOm oF… and it’s like, “yeah, you idiots, your shitty notions are holding us all back, because your thoughts are usually about how to hold others down, and we’re tired of hearing them!”

And the latest rash of immaturity from the White House is a great example of exactly that:

  • drumpf lies about mail-in voting (because these R politicians love a good scare tactic)
  • Twitter finally steps up & takes the meager action of labeling his tweet as having false or misleading information
  • He signs his name like a big boy on YET ANOTHER executive order as retaliation against social media companies

I mean… he’s the greatest example of The Right’s abject failure of character and commitment to the absolutely ridiculous and time-wasting. And, finally, it reached a tipping point.

About damn time.

His whole political career started by perpetuating an ignorant, racist lie.

Calling all Birthers… to the sterilization lab, because you shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.

As of April 3, Trump’s 1,170th day in office, this news outlet’s database shows that he has made 18,000 false or misleading claims. And we’re finally reaching a point that it’s become untenable, unpalatable.

Free speech has nothing to do with the unchecked freedom to deliberately lie. That’s why Twitter had to put warning labels on some of 45’s tweets. It’s the same premise as closing churches during a pandemic—it’s not an attack related to curbing beliefs; it’s for a practical, public health reason.