Did We “California Roll” the Stop?

The White House has extended its Stop the Spread guidelines in an attempt to answer the rising number of Americans affected by COVID-19. The original cutoff date was mid-April; it is now recommended that we should set April 30 in our sights to continue observing suggestions like:

  • Avoiding social gatherings in groups of more than 10 people
  • Working and schooling from home
  • Avoiding both foreign and domestic discretionary travel

As someone who had an eye on the coronavirus in early January; questioned friends’ decisions to go to Japan in mid-February; and has tracked the virus’s spread, I’ve found folks’ resistance to exercise caution interesting (if not curious).

College students still partied on spring break.

Miami was downright POPPIN’ as recently as six days ago.

Some politicians from one political party called the virus a hoax as their colleagues unloaded stock in anticipation of its resulting economic fallout.

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