The Door

A door exists just outside the periphery of every person’s consciousness. Its distance merely a breathe, a beat, a blink beyond what we can fathom.

What you’ll find inside its threshold is a known unknown, terrain incapable of being explored or understood by any sentient person. In fact, it escapes grasps… until it wants to be caught.

The truth of what you find when you pass through is able to retreat further into the abyss of infinity. The true essence, the closer you get to knowing it, leads you away from the quantifiable, the knowable, the attainable.

Many have stood in the doorframe, even though we all stand just outside its reach at all times.

Some return from the passageway; their untimely trip canceled. Others rush through willingly, eager for what’s on the other side of the door. Most fight the ingress. They are shoved, shot, shocked through. Countless scores have heard the latch click shut behind them.

Many find themselves–not having knowingly taken the journey–in that place.

Plenty go unwillingly.

It’s a portal to a place with which