Rainy Day Writing

I close my eyes and follow the sounds of the storm outside.

That’s the trickle at the corner where the two parts of the roof come together. Constant.

The slight ping of droplets hitting the gutters.

Thunder rumbles. Each part of the symphony—unique on its own—contributes to an impressive, if not intimidating, crescendo before disappearing into the distance.

In hot pursuit, another group approaches. Swept across the sky on the back of the wind, the new line builds, coalescing as it draws nearer.

The quick, loud ones clap in my ears and swiftly disappear as quickly as they came.

Ominous, low rumblings, menacing in their approach, roll over the horizon and billow overhead; a reminder of this planet’s power and magnitude.

The sun peeks over the trees, but the rain will not relent. My world is soaked.

Everything is muted, drenched and drowsy in the downpour. Cozy. Serene.

I yield to the awesome force, recognizing at once my minusculity and inherent place in this wonderful, wet scene. It may be time for another cup of coffee.

Just some freeform writing… I did a heart chakra meditation this morning that really got my mindgrapes going! This is my first creative thing of the day… unless you count packing lunch for Jelaine, whiiiiich I would bc I was not very culinarily inspired at 6:45an but put together some really good noms to nourish her.