Rachel Maddow – Your Impeachment Hearings Spirit Animal

In the least stereotypical way possible, I have a crush on Rachel Maddow… it can’t merely be because we’re both sapphically inclined or because she’s a tall, bespectacled fox—I liked her long before I even had a clue about what exactly my sexuality was about.

It has much more to do with how well-spoken she is, how adept she is at explaining the complex issues she tackles on her show (aptly named The Rachel Maddow Show).

And it definitely has everything to do with her killer haircut, how she rocks that black blazer, and the fact that she nerds out over the same stuff I do.

Like, I have daydreams of cozy Sunday coffee in fuzzy socks and loungewear… flipping through our favorite newspaper (because we like the “old school” charm of it) commenting on this & debating that, while 90s alternative plays in the background. Then, we decide to walk around (her wearing a scarf I crocheted) on a crisp fall morning just because we feel like it…

…you see the level of crush I’m dealing with here.

Also, no disrespect to Susan Mikula or my gal. My Rachel crush is less sexual or objectifying & just, like, how I felt about one of my mock trial partners in law school or the teenagers I knew when I was 12. Sapiosexual & innocent.

All that being said..

I like to wake up and play clips from the previous night’s TRMS. It’s the closest I get to enjoying coffee with her, haha.

However, having dogs and an efficient bladder, liking to get things done early, and being a mental will-o’-the-wisp require that I pause those clips often.

And those pauses pay off in spades… I capture some amazing expressions.

My favorite so far, and just in time for the impeachment hearings, is this one:

Nature called, I hit the ⏯, came back to the living room, & started giggling. That’s the ultimate ‘Ummmm…. Yeeaahhhh…’ face.

It’s the face my own face is, more or less, permanently fixed into… this government education makes living in Texas and having ears particularly challenging.

I haven’t yet decided what to call this reaction shot…

The Perplexed Rachel

Skeptical something-something

Rachel Maddoubt

…but I do know how to use it:

I’m sure today’s hearings will offer plenty of chances to practice the look. After all, the minority party members of the committee do get to talk…

Barisma, bringing up trial procedures and evidentiary terms that most people recognize but apply ZERO to these hearings, or their general belligerence… Face, face, face.

Also, it’s Rachel Maddoubt… for sure.

I also like this one—I’m calling it Rach & Bake: