Nobody’s perfect.. but you’re alright.

Do you know what I really, super-duper loathe?

The whole You’re perfect just the way you are things—wall hangings, quotes, social media posts, the entire way of thinking…

It’s trite.

It’s patronizing.

And it’s totally false.

You’re not perfect just the way you are.

I’m not perfect just the way I am.

Perfect doesn’t exist, at least not when it comes to people. Human attributes can never be qualified, quantified, or defined when they’re inoffensive. Sure, there are ones that are not desirable and others that are generally accepted as faulty.

But, what could you even call a perfect human being?

Would it be based on physical appearance? Fitness? Facial symmetry? Blemishlessness?

Or, would we put more value on the intangible, such as honesty or kindness or considerateness?

Tell me… what’s perfect?

I’ll tell you what perfect is…

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